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February 4, 2015 by starmario36

During the weeks that I have been in the class I have not just been working on my actual project but also side sessions that me and my classmates have also been doing each week.

WEEK 1- Making a Comic Strip


This was a small comic strip I made. it was based around my fear of dogs.

WEEK 2- Making stories and Plagiarizing stories

STORY 1 – A teenager known as Rebecca Pilgrim tries to win the boy of her dreams but his ex-girlfriends are out to destroy her and ruin her life. She must travel all-over the world to fight them and eventually face off the final ex in a big musical concert.

STORY 2- Tom Sunderland is the protagonist of “Alive Hills” he comes to the city after receiving a letter from his dead brother Joseph, who died of cancer years ago. While exploring the city he encounters Joe who strongly resembles Joseph except for a different personality and clothing; Maria Orosco a teenage runaway on the search for her sister; Billy Dombroski who was somehow transported to the city and a 6 year old boy named Kevin who was good friends with Joseph.

After Arriving in Alive Hills, Tom decides to go into a local park where he meets and befriends Joe who claims that he has never met Joseph

Setting, Location and Time

The setting is Victorian times, 1856, London


The style is gothic, creepy, horror thriller.

Sentence on main character

The Main character is named Henry Jameson at first he is cal;m and caring but evolves into a selfish, desperate, arrogant, corrupt and tragic being.

Sentence on situation

A man loses his son during a war among the British empire and the devil makes him a deal to save his son by selling his soul the man sells his soul and starts to become more increasingly bad and evil and even realises his own world is falling apart.

Sentence on Theme

Themes include corruption of Religion, the consequences of evil deeds, guilt and death

Something Unexpected that has happened….

This was it. It had been about a week since we were in Ireland for a trip and it was time to go home back to Scotland. The cases were packed and we all left the hotel room to get back to the car but then it happened, the one thing that would change my life forever. Something that would shock me and made me realise how much my father got more silly and accidental.

He left the car keys in the bumper.

The bumper locked up as he closed it and the keys just lied there silently. When he realised what happened he felt an urge to laugh but somehow felt more annoyance in his mind.

TITLE- The Suffering of Henry Jameson

WEEK 3- stories with thumbs

in a group with Robert and David, we made some stories by using our own fingers as the charecters. we made a horror type of story and the image can be shown here….


WEEK4- Getting Ideas from charecters, enviroments and themes.

CHARECTER 1- WRECK-IT RALPH (from Disney’s Wreck it Ralph)

Personality: Bad Guy (but not meaning to be bad) Nice, Funny, Brave, Clumsy, Sarcastic, Bored, Confident, Bitter, Overshadowed, Annoyed, Neglected.

Apperance and Design: Big, Strong, Hulky, Tough due to big arms.

What to Like about him: You feel some pity for him because he doesn’t get much attention and is bored of being the villain for a video game that he is in. He can be related to certain people. hes the different type of villain character, someone who is not bad but doing it just because its his job to keep the video game going.

wreck it ralph moodboard

CHARECTER 2- Che Guevera  (Argentinean Revolutionary and an important figure of the 20th century)

Personality: Brave, Ruthless, Loyal, Self Sufficient, Ambitious, Charismatic, Intelligent, Fighter

Symbolism of Apperance: iconic symbol of Revolution, Counter-Culture Movement, Hope, Freedom and Confidence.

Peoples Opinions on him: Mixed (considered a hero by some and also considered a murderer by some)

What makes him popular and have a celebrity status: Fought for the poor, overthrow a dictatorship, wanted to unite South America.

che moodboard



what does it mean?

The belief that life is meaningless and all values are baseless.

A Nihilist would be impulsive enough to destroy or commit acts of violence like terrorism or anarchy. they would reject certain rules and laws.

they find existence and meanings pointless and believe everything is worthless.

Punk Rock musicians are known to have Themes of Nihilism due to their attitude, personality and music.

nihislm moodboard


A Political and economic Belief that describes class struggle in the fall of capitalism and the rise of communism.

formed the basis of many ideologies for communist leaders like Vladimir Lennon, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro.

Marxists believe in the fall of classes, socialist society and consider everyone to be equal where there will be no rich, poor or middle class.

marxist moodboard



even though I have never been to this country before, its inspired me because I started getting into thier culture, even started getting into drawing manga and I ended up being a Japanophile as a result of it.

I like the landscapes in Japan and the culture which somehow inspires me to make more manga and art.

japan moodboard


Charlie Hebdo Terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

On 7th January 2015 two Islamic Extremists burst in the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo a humorous satirical magazine in Paris and murdered many cartoonists and artists as they were angered about their religion and their prophet Mohammed being made fun of.

this was a horrible tragedy and became the result and debates of freedom of speech however in way it inspired me because I am an artist and cartoonist myself as these people that were killed were cartoonists that were just doing their job and making a stance towards freedom of speech so I can quite relate to these people as I got a simular hobbie to them.

It also has inspired me to make cartoons containing the now famous slogan:

“Je suis Charlie” which represents freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

this is something that I may do during the summer holidays.

charlie hebdo moodboard

Adobe Flash Projects I made…….

A Slideshow presentation on my official project…

E:\dynamic communications slideshow.html

More Button Tutorials I did…..



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